Chatterbox #129 – Secrets

Do you have many secrets to hide? Don’t worry, we won’t make you share any of them! But that’s what we’re talking here. What should be kept secret and what do you share with people in your lives? Everyone has a different answer, and in this episode Andrew and Maura give their opinions on secrets and privacy. Shh!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:secret

  • Shh
  • I would lock it up
  • To tell you the truth
  • On the other hand
  • To air
  • Themselves
  • To unload on someone
  • Everybody and anybody
  • Dirty laundry
  • The thing is
  • To put someone on the spot
  • To be juicy
  • To be a good call

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Sample transcript

Andrew: Today, we are gonna do a Chatterbox episode all about secrets.
Maura: Sh. Don’t tell.
Andrew: Can you keep a secret, Maura?
Maura: Just kidding. This episode isn’t a secret. But you’re right. We’re gonna do a whole episode about secrets. First we’re gonna talk about keeping secrets, and then we’re gonna talk about what should be kept a secret, what should be kept private, and what should be kept public.
Andrew: Yeah. And this is a very interesting and entertaining topic to talk about, I think.
Maura: Mmhmm. Maybe some of our own secrets will come out.
Andrew: Yeah. Stay tuned.
Maura: OK. So, let’s start with keeping secrets. First, I would like to know,
Andrew: Do you think that you are good at keeping secrets? If someone told you a secret, or for example me, if I said, “Andrew, I gotta tell someone something,” and I told you and I said, “Please don’t tell anybody.” Could you keep it? Andrew: This is a good question. I think I’m a good secret keeper, yeah. I think I’m good at keeping secrets. Absolutely. Maura: OK. So if someone told you something and they said, “Don’t tell anyone,” you would really just keep it to yourself?
Andrew: Yeah. I would lock it up. It would stay inside. I wouldn’t tell anybody, for sure. But, to tell you the truth, I don’t like it when people tell me secrets, you know. You have this special responsibility to hide something. It’s a lot of pressure.
Maura: That’s true. Because by chance, maybe a month passes, or two, and maybe you forget it’s a secret or you say something that discloses that you know some secret information, and you could get yourself in trouble, maybe.
Andrew: Right. You can totally get yourself in trouble. And you didn’t ask for that. Somebody just told you something and, yeah, it’s stressful.
Maura: You know, it’s funny, because I think I, on the other hand, enjoy keeping secrets.
Andrew: Yeah? You like knowing the information? Yeah?
Maura: Yeah. I think that, first of all, I will say that I think I’m good at keeping secrets. If someone says don’t tell anyone, I don’t tell anyone. It’s easy enough. But I think that I’m happy that that person trusts me enough and considers

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