Chatterbox #128 – Tickets and scalpers

Whether you go to a show once a year or once a month, there’s some fun vocabulary related to going to one, and we’ve done an episode all about it! In this episode, Andrew and Harp also share their experiences of going to concerts and buying tickets. Listen to this episode to find out whether you’ve ever sat in the nosebleed section. Have you ever bought tickets from a scalper? And did you know that Harp was a fan of Puff Daddy?

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:scalpers

  • My jaw dropped
  • The best seat(s) in the house
  • Nosebleed seats
  • Nuts
  • A free-for-all
  • Back in the day
  • Sketchy
  • A scalper
  • The last resort
  • On the side
  • A markup
  • Underground
  • A horror story
  • To miss out (on something)

Sample transcript:

Andrew: But, let's say you wanted to watch the Super Bowl or some major, major sporting event. Then you could be paying up to half a million dollars for a box seat.

Harp: Wow! My jaw just dropped. That is insane.

Andrew: Yeah. That is crazy. But, yeah, I guess if you want to really enjoy the experience, you have to pay for it.

Harp: Wow. That's crazy. So another type of ticket that you could potentially buy is a courtside seat.

Andrew: This type of ticket is really just for a basketball game. And when you sit courtside, it means you actually sit on the floor right beside the basketball game, on the court, on the basketball court, which is why it's called courtside.

Harp: Yup. And these tickets are, again, super expensive. And oftentimes, if you look on celebrity magazines, you'll see pictures of celebrities sitting at courtside seats.

Andrew: Yeah. If you watch a Los Angeles Lakers game on TV, then you'll always see Jack Nicholson sitting courtside because he owns two of those courtside seats.

Harp: Yeah. So I definitely think we wouldn’t be able to afford it, but those tickets? Really good tickets. And very expensive.

Andrew: Yeah. It’d be so rad to sit up close like that. You could see the players super close and sometimes even, it they score a good shot, you see them high five the people that are sitting in the courtside seats.

Harp: Yes. So those are really cool tickets to have.

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