Chatterbox #131 – Dancing at different ages

Whether you love it or hate it, at some point in your life, you’ve probably danced. In this episode, Harp and Maura talk about dancing in Canada throughout a person’s life. What do children often learn about dancing? Where do people dance when they get older? As always, they also share their personal experiences with getting down. Listening to this one might give make you want to cut a rug!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:ESL Podcast

  • To roll around
  • Mouth-watering
  • To cut a rug
  • To break something down
  • Hardcore
  • An extracurricular activity
  • One hundred percent
  • VJs and DJs
  • Choreography
  • To pop up
  • A fix
  • To dance up a storm
  • To be game

Sample transcript:

Maura: So Harp. How’s it going? What did you get up to this weekend now that the nice weather has finally rolled around?

Harp: I had a great weekend. One of my friends, it was her birthday, so I took her a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Maura: My mouth is watering just hearing about it.

Harp: They’re just such amazing cakes. They’re so delicious with their chocolate, and then their cookie layer, and then the fudge layer, and then the vanilla. Ah. It’s just deliciousness.

Maura: I love ice cream season.

Harp: I know. I just love Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. They’re amazing.

Maura: You know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had one, but I think I wanna buy one now, Harp.

Harp: I think you should buy one for the next friend’s birthday. ’Cause you know, our birthdays are in October, so I always feel kind of bad having it at my birthday party ’cause it’s getting cold and an ice cream cake is cold, but if I can find a Dairy Queen store that’s open, I definitely buy myself an ice cream cake for my birthday.

Maura: Yup. Just gotta turn up the heat inside.

Harp: Exactly.

Maura: OK. Let’s get to today’s episode now.

Harp: All right. So, today’s episode is a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat. We talk about cultural topics, we interview people, we chat.

Maura: Yes. And today, we’re doing one that I’m especially excited about. We’re doing an episode about cutting a rug.

Harp: Yes. We’re doing an episode all about dancing.

Maura: That’s right. An episode about dancing.

Harp: And we’re gonna break it down. We’re gonna talk about dancing when you’re a child and when you’re young.

Maura: And then we’re gonna talk about when you get a little bit older and when you’re in high school. So, dancing when you’re a teenager.

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