Catch Word #159 – Have you ever been canned?

For a variety of reasons, people are sometimes asked to leave their jobs. This episode is all about expressions used to talk about people getting fired. Be careful using these with people who have been fired, because it can be a sensitive subject, but you’re sure to hear these expressions in movies and television shows. So give this episode a listen, but not while you’re supposed to be working!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:getfired

  • A tour
  • To fire someone
  • A rundown
  • To chill
  • Man
  • A grey area
  • Red Tape
  • Out of the blue
  • To have someone’s back
  • To toss around an idea
  • To screw up
  • A rookie mistake
  • To let someone go

Sample Transcript

Maura: All right. Now, today we’re going to do a Catchword episode. But before we get to that, what’s new with you Andrew?

Andrew: Not a whole lot, you know. Actually I just graduated from school and I’m kinda just hanging out. And, actually, one of the reasons why I’m not looking for a job right now is because I play in a band and we are going to go on a tour across Canada so right now I’m busy booking the tour.

Maura: Well that sounds pretty cool. Is it glamourous? Do you feel like a rock star?

Andrew: No. It’s the opposite of glamorous, I think. I look forward to the day, maybe one day, of achieving my dream and becoming a band that can hire a manager and that person can do all this work for us ’cause it’s not fun. I understand why bands have managers now.

Maura: But once you get your tour booked, I’m sure that that’s when the fun starts. You’ll be able to travel around Canada, visit different cities, play different venues. I’m sure you’re looking forward to that.

Andrew: Yup. That will be the fun part. That’s why we do it.

Maura: Well, good luck, and hopefully you can talk to us when you get back about the experience,

Andrew: Yeah. Hopefully nothing goes bad and I don’t get fired from the band, ’cause that would be bad. And speaking of getting fired, that’s what we’re talking about today.

Maura: Right. Today we’re going to look at different expressions related to being forced to leave; especially being forced to leave a job.

Andrew: Mmhmm. So this is not a positive experience when you’re forced to leave your job, when you’re dismissed. It’s… It can be devastating.

Maura: You’re right. But there are lots of fun little expressions to talk about it, so we decided to do an episode about it anyways, because you’ll hear these expressions definitely in films and on TV. And hopefully not too much between friends and family, because you don’t want to lose your job.

Andrew: That’s right. So, in this episode, we’re just going to describe three expressions and, yeah, just give you the rundown about them. So our first expression is to “can“.

Maura: That’s right. Which is funny, ’cause most people probably think of the word “can” and don’t think of it as a verb used in this way, but to “can” can mean to fire.

Andrew: That’s right. So if you’re dismissing somebody from their job or you’re firing somebody from their job, you are canning them.

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