Chatterbox #134 – Andrew’s band trip: Part 1

Have you ever wanted to play in a band? Or maybe you’ve wondered what life is like for a touring musician? In this episode, you can learn all about it! Join Harp as she interviews Andrew about his experience playing in a band and touring across Canada.

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  • I was like
  • Kind of
  • To pool things together
  • You know?
  • A cold call
  • To hound someone
  • A gig
  • Handy
  • A roadie
  • If I remember correctly
  • The Canadian Shield
  • A cover song
  • To chill out
  • A know-it-all
  • Swag
  • Second-hand embarrassment
  • To be blown away by something
  • To give a shout-out to someone

Sample transcript:

Andrew: That is right, and today we are going to talk about my big band road trip that I did last month.

Harp: Yes, because some of you may not know, but Andrew is in a band.

Andrew: That’s right. I am a musician, kind of as a hobby, just something I do. And this last month, we went on tour. We toured all the way across Canada.

Harp: And this is such an interesting topic that this is a two-part episode. So here is part one. OK, so, we’re going to split this episode into three sections like we normally do and we’re going to start talking about your band a little bit and talking about the prep for the road trip, and then being on the road. And then our third section will be looking back on your trip. Were there any things that you would’ve changed? Or was it perfect?

Andrew: That’s right. A critical evaluation of the trip.

Harp: Exactly! So let’s get started with your band name and what kind of music and stuff you play.

Andrew: Sure. So I play in a rock band, and we’re called No Aloha. That’s our name, No Aloha.

Harp: Aloha, like the Hawaiian word?

Andrew: Exactly, yeah. This is actually the name of a song by a band called the Breeders. They have a song called No Aloha. And all of the members in my band, we really enjoy this song and we thought, “Hmm. Maybe we’ll take this as our band name, this song.”

Harp: OK, interesting. And so you guys play rock music. And how long have you been together?

Andrew: We’ve been playing together for almost 2 years.

Harp: And do you sing? Do you play an instrument? What do you do?

Andrew: Mmhmm. I do a bit of both. I play guitar and sometimes bass, as well, and I do sing. We… It’s kind of a unique situation. All of our members sing together so we have all of us singing at the same time.

Harp: Interesting. How many of you are there?

Andrew: There’re four of us.

Harp: Four. OK.

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