Chatterbox #135 – Andrew’s band trip: Part 2

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the exciting conclusion to Andrew’s epic band trip story. In this episode, Andrew and Harp chat about Andrew’s road trip across Canada. During their conversation, they talk about the dangers of driving in Canada, wildlife, and camping!

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Expressions from this episode included in the Learning Materials:ESL Podcast

  • A cliff-hanger
  • Independent music
  • A bummer
  • The Lower Mainland
  • A pal
  • A totem pole
  • First Nations
  • A weasel
  • Vice versa
  • Game over
  • A ferry
  • From point A to B

Sample transcript:

Andrew: That is right. So, when we last left you, I was talking about playing with my band in Saskatchewan.

Harp: Yes, exactly. Where did you go after that?

Andrew: After Saskatchewan, we went to the next province westward, which is Alberta, and we played two shows there: one in Edmonton and then one in Calgary. And these, again, are the biggest cities in that province.

Harp: OK. And now, I’m curious, because you know Edmonton’s my hometown. How were you received in Edmonton? Did you enjoy the show there?

Andrew: Edmonton was awesome, actually. Yeah, it was really great. There was a festival that was going on and we were playing as a part of that festival.

Harp: Which festival was it?

Andrew: That is a good question. I’m trying to remember the name of it now. Oh! I know what it was called. It was called the Endless Bummer festival.

Harp: I’ve never even heard of it before!

Andrew: I think it’s just a small festival for the independent music in the city. And we have an expression. We can say endless summer in English, right? When we’re talking just about a beautiful, long summer. And this is sort of a play on that expression, endless summer, by calling it Endless Bummer, which sort of means perpetual depression? Or sadness? I guess.

Harp: It works well for a band called No Aloha.

Andrew: That’s right. So, we played in Edmonton and there were a lot of people at the show. It was really fun. All of us have a lot of friends in Edmonton so it was cool to hang out with them and it was just a good time, yeah.

Harp: Do you remember where you played there?

Andrew: Mmhmm. We played at a small place called the Wunderbar.

Harp: OK, very cool.

Andrew: Mmhmm.

Harp: And then what about Calgary? It was worse, right? ’Cause, you know, Edmonton’s a much better city, right?

Andrew: Calgary… Calgary was awful, actually. It was not the greatest place to play.

Harp: Yup. I know, because Edmonton is better. You know, I have that rivalry still in my blood.

Andrew: Well, we played in Edmonton on a Saturday night, which is a great night to go and see music. And then we played in Calgary the next day, which was a Sunday, and that is not the best day to go see music, so there weren’t that many people at our show, which was kinda disappointing. It was kind of a bummer, you could say. But I don’t know. I like Calgary. It’s still an OK place.

Harp: No, I’m just teasing. It’s totally a fine place, and it’s so beautiful because it’s right by the Rocky Mountains.

Andrew: Yeah. Actually, we didn’t even stay in Calgary for a day. We played our show and immediately after we finished playing, we loaded our gear in the van and then went to Banff to go camping in the Rocky Mountains.

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