Chatterbox #136 – Superheroes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a superpower? Would you use it to make the world a better place or just to have some fun? Today’s Chatterbox episode is all about superheroes and the powers they possess. Join Harp and Andrew as they talk about the kinds of comics they read as kids, blockbuster superhero movies, and the superpowers they’d like to have.

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:ESL Podcast

  • Live-action
  • The Batcave
  • Catchy
  • To have someone’s best interests at heart
  • Rad
  • A Lasso
  • Robin
  • To be out of control
  • To watch something religiously
  • Hardcore
  • Iconic
  • An ultralight
  • The butterfly effect
  • A blockbuster


Sample transcript:

Andrew: Harp, what’s new? What did you get up to last weekend?

Harp: I actually went for a walk in the park, at Parc La Fontaine, which is close to my house. And it was just beautiful because it’s fall and the leaves are changing colours. So it’s just beautiful with the reds and the yellows. I’ll miss summer, but the colours are beautiful.

Andrew: Yeah. It’s always bittersweet when the seasons change because I’m really sad that summer’s gone, but fall’s here now and it’s so beautiful, like you said. So, yeah.

Harp: Yeah. I’m not looking forward to winter, but fall’s beautiful.

Andrew: That is right. Well, should we start today’s episode?

Harp: Yup. Today we’re going to do a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat. We talk about current events, or we interview people, or we talk about some fun different things. And today we’re going to talk about something pretty cool.

Andrew: Yeah. Super cool, you could say.

Harp: Yeah! Cause today we’re talking about superheroes.

Andrew: That’s right. Superheroes and superpowers.

Harp: Yup. So we’re going to start with talking about our childhood and superheroes and all the shows and all the activities with comic books and all of that. Then we’re going to talk about how popular superhero movies are right now.

Andrew: Mmhmm. That is right. Especially in the last, I’d say, about 10 years, superhero movies have just become really, really popular. And then we are going to finish today’s episode by talking about superpowers and which ones we think are the coolest and which superpowers we would like to have if we were superheroes.

Harp: Yes. So let’s get started. So Andrew, growing up, did you read a lot of superhero comic books or watch superhero cartoons? Andrew: You know, I didn’t really ever get into comic books, but I did watch a lot of superhero cartoons on TV.

Harp: You know, that surprises me. You kind of strike me as a comic book kind of guy.
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