Chatterbox #138 – An interview with Ross

This episode features an interview with our friend Ross. Ross is a student of applied linguistics and is very knowledgeable about learning and teaching foreign languages. Join Andrew and Ross as they chat about using music to study languages, walking in Europe, and brunch!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:An interview with Ross

  • McGill University and Concordia University
  • A slogan
  • You know
  • The West Coast Trail
  • To be rough on something/someone
  • A dangling so
  • To get sidetracked
  • To pay off
  • To have the guts to do something
  • Shadowing
  • A something kind of person
  • Right off the bat
  • Sunny side up
  • To brainstorm

Sample transcript:

Andrew: Today I have my friend Ross here with me and I would like to welcome you to the show, Ross.

Ross: Hi Andrew. Thanks.

Andrew: No problem. How are you doing today?

Ross: Oh, pretty good.

Andrew: Ross, I know that you are not originally from Montreal. I was just hoping that you could tell us when you moved to Montreal, and why you came here, and also where you’re from originally.

Ross: Sure, OK. Well I first moved to Montreal about 4, 4 and a half years ago. I’m originally from Calgary, or near… a small town near Calgary. And I moved here after living in Calgary for maybe 7 years. I moved with my wife. She was doing her master’s in English at McGill. So, I was working from home at the time. And we moved and after a couple of years of living here, studying French, I decided to enrol in the program at Concordia, actually. And I have been there now for almost… almost 2 years, maybe.

Andrew: Very cool. So you’re originally from wild rose country.

Ross: Yeah. A small town called Didsbury, actually.

Andrew: Didsbury. That’s the provincial slogan of Alberta, right? Wild Rose Country?

Ross: Yeah. I think so, yeah. Wild Rose Country. It’s on the licence plate.

Andrew: Yeah. I like that. That’s a good slogan. Cool, so you’ve been here for several years now. And do you enjoy Montreal?

Ross: Yeah. I love it here, actually. I have a hard time imagining being somewhere else. You know, the opportunity to meet a lot of different people, speak a lot of different languages, experience a pretty lively culture, and the walkability is probably one of my favourite things. You know, living and being able to walk to coffee shops and stores and everything easily is a nice benefit.

Andrew: Yeah. That’s true. Montreal is a very walkable city. And now, it’s funny, Ross, that you mention walking because I know that you’ve travelled a lot and during some of your travels, you’ve had some interesting walking experiences. Do you mind telling us a little bit about those?

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