Chatterbox #139 – Fads and trends

Are you trendy? Do you like to keep up to date with all the latest fads? Today’s episode is all about what’s cool. Join Harp and Andrew as they chat about some memorable fads from the past and some of the hot new trends that are popular today!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materialsfashiontrends

  • Dorky
  • A fads and a trend
  • Hair metal
  • Pigtails
  • Pogs
  • Club Monaco
  • To spike
  • Snap bracelets
  • A beard
  • A lumberjack
  • A look
  • A gluten-free diet
  • YOLO

Sample transcript

Andrew: Well, today we are going to do a Chatterbox episode. And a Chatterbox episode is where we discuss a topic and just have a cool discussion about that topic.

Harp: Yup. And today we’re gonna talk about fads and trends. And first we’re gonna explain them and define them, and then we’re gonna talk about some fads and trends from our past. We’ll finish by talking about some current fads and trends.

Andrew: That is right. So Harp, are you a trendy person?

Harp: I would definitely say no. I’m always behind the trend. Andrew: I’d have to agree. I think I’m the same as you. I’m not really too trendy.

Harp: Yes. So, why don’t we first start with explaining the difference between fads and trends?

Andrew: Sure. So, what is a fad?

Harp: A fad is something that is fashionable to either do or say or eat. But for a short period of time it’s really fashionable.

Andrew: Mmhmm. So when something gets really popular and everybody seems to be doing it, like, maybe it’s a diet or maybe it’s a cool new slang expression. Everybody’s saying it or doing it for just a short period of time, we can call this a fad.

Harp: Yes. And so, a trend is also something that is fashionable or popular, but it usually takes a bit longer to get adopted and to become popular. And it lasts longer. A fad is usually something that is very short lived. It doesn’t last for a very long time, while a trend stays popular for longer.

Andrew: A fad is something that is popular—it could be something you wear or something you say or something that you eat—and it’s popular just for a short period of time. On the other hand, a trend is something that is popular—it could also be a clothing style or something you say—but it takes longer to become popular and once it becomes popular it stays popular for a long time.

Harp: Exactly. And so, Andrew and I were both saying that we’re not very trendy. So that means we definitely don’t follow a lot of fads, because they become popular very quickly and then they’re gone very quickly. So, by the time we even know about it, it’s already past.

Andrew: That is right. And I think most of the people who follow fads are usually younger people; teenagers or high school students.

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