Catch Word #164 – Schmoozing

Hey party people! Today’s episode is all about socializing at events and parties. From making small talk to making business connections, we’ve got it all covered. Join Harp and Maura as they describe and discuss three expressions that can be used to talk about making social connections.

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Expressions included in the Learning Materialsnetworking

  • To schmooze
  • A mentor
  • To keep something in mind
  • In the long run
  • To put on an event
  • To strike up a conversation
  • To keep an eye out for someone/something
  • To network
  • A buzzword
  • Sole
  • To mingle
  • To work the room

Sample transcript

Harp: So Maura, how has your day been?

Maura: Oh, good. Earlier today I actually went to one of the really nice parks that we have in Montreal. I love meeting up with some friends and having a picnic. Everyone brings a little bit of food. Sometimes people bring a barbeque. It’s so nice! It’s such a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.

Harp: I agree! Maura: Yeah. I know I’m not the only one because the parks are always full.

Harp: Yeah. It’s so much fun that they’re full of people enjoying summer.

Maura: Yup, definitely. OK, so let’s get to today’s episode now. Today’s episode is a Catch Word episode, and that is where we give you different expressions, we explain how to use them, and we give you examples as well.

Harp: Yes! Today we’re going to give you some expressions about meeting and talking to people.

Maura: Right. Meeting and talking to people, usually at a special kind of event or gathering. And when you’re talking to people, you have a kind of goal in mind. There’s a reason why you want to talk to a particular person or some people.

Harp: Yeah. Meeting these people is something that will usually benefit you in some way.

Maura: Yeah, that’s right. So today’s expressions are about meeting and talking to people but there’s a particular reason why you would like to meet and talk with these people. Let’s get to our first expression.

Harp: Our first expression is to schmooze.

Maura: That is right. This one is a bit funny to pronounce. To schmooze.

Harp: Schmooze.

Maura: I like saying this word, actually. To schmooze. So, to schmooze is to talk and to chat casually. And that was actually the original meaning of the word, which is from the Yiddish language. But in English, often when we use it, we also mean that you’re talking or chatting casually but at the same time you’re trying to make a social connection.

Harp: Yup. The social connection that you’re trying to make is your goal. You’re trying to make a connection with this person to maybe do business in the future or do something.

Maura: Right. You want to know this person. You’re talking to them, but there’s a reason why you’re talking to them. You want to get to know them. You want them to know you. You want to make a connection. And often people schmooze because of business. So it could be that they’re looking towards their career in the future or maybe there’s some other kind of business connection that is to be made.

Harp: Yup. When I think of schmoozing, I think of being in a gala or some sort of work event where you’re talking to people, maybe to sell them something or to make some sort of connection

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