Chatterbox #134 – Checking out flicks

Don’t you just love kickin’ back and relaxing with a big bowl of popcorn and a great movie? If so, you’re in luck because today’s episode is all about the movies. Join Harp and Maura as they debate watching movies at home versus going out to the theatre and chat about some of their all-time favourite flicks!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:

  • Checking out flicksA busy bee
  • To be totally pumped
  • To be torn
  • Super-duper
  • To good ol’ days
  • To crack down on something
  • To shop around
  • To bite
  • To be dying to do something
  • Cheesy

Sample transcript

Maura:            I’m totally pumped to get started.

Harp:              All right. So today we’re gonna bring you a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat. We’re gonna talk about something pretty fun. We’re gonna talk about the movies.

Maura:            Yeah, the movies. And it’s pretty rare to meet someone who doesn’t like going to see a movie. Pretty much everybody likes the movies — maybe different styles, but it’s something that everyone enjoys from time to time.

Harp:              Yup. So we’re gonna break it down today. We’re gonna talk about going to watch a movie.

Maura:            Right, like in the theatres. And then also, watching movies at home.

Harp:              Yes. And then we’re gonna finish with talking about some of our favorite movies of all time.

Maura:            I can’t wait for that part.

Harp:              Super excited!

Maura:            So, Harp, have you been to the movies lately?

Harp:              I actually haven’t been to the movies in probably a year.

Maura:            I actually haven’t been lately either, although I’ve been wanting to go. I really love going to see a movie.

Harp:              See, I’m kind of torn. I love things like popcorn at the movies. And I love trailers. But I find the seats kind of uncomfortable and I prefer to be on my couch.

Maura:            That’s really funny, because I remember that I was a bit uncomfortable in the movie seats, too. But if the movie is really good, then I find it can distract you if you’re a bit uncomfortable.

Harp:              Yeah. And it’s always nice to watch movies that have, kind of, some action, or the cinematography is really nice, on that big screen. That’s when I find going to the movies is really enjoyable.

Maura:            It’s also funny. I don’t know if we’re both picky, but the movie seats nowadays are pretty big and spacious. I remember when I was a kid the seats were much smaller and much more basic.

Harp:              Yup, I agree. And I think when I was a teenager, I only ever went to the dollar theatre and those were very, very uncomfortable seats.

Maura:            Oh yeah. There’s a dollar cinema in Montreal and the seats are super uncomfortable.

Harp:              Yup. I remember we went there once together. Almost 8 years ago.

Maura:            Yeah. It’s been awhile, eh?

Harp:              Yup.

Maura:            But this subject gives me the chance to talk about an amazing movie theatre experience I had, especially talking about seats.

Harp:              Oh, tell me!

Maura:            When I was in Thailand, or before I even got to Thailand, some friends told me that you can go to see a movie and sit in, like, a big reclining chair and you could lean back. You could even have a blanket. And I was so, so excited to try it out!

Harp:              Wow. That sounds super comfortable. So, was it as good as you were hoping it would be?

Maura:            Yes. It was so great. It was just amazing. I don’t know what more to say about it. You’re comfortable. You’re relaxed. And sometimes when it’s hot outside and the movie theatres are air conditioned, you can get cold. But not in Bangkok where I went. I got to have a nice cover and I was cozy. It was great!

Harp:              So nice. That sounds great. They need to bring that idea here to Canada.

Maura:            Yeah. You know, I’ve also recently seen online different places in the world have different kinds of movie theatres and I’ve seen places where they have, like, a bed. So you can actually really relax and take it easy.

Harp:              Wow. That sounds amazing!

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