Chatterbox #142 – Differences between Canada and America

Canada and the USA have a lot of things in common: a long border, the English language, and similar cultures. So what makes them unique? This episode is dedicated to exploring the differences between the two countries. Join Harp and Andrew for a discussion about their observations about what makes Canada and the USA different.

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Expressions included in the Learning Materialsusacanada

  • The USA’s different names
  • The metric and imperial systems
  • To buy (accept the truth of something)
  • To wake up (realize an error)
  • To wisen up
  • Twist of fate
  • To rub something in someone’s face
  • Crazy (adverb of degree)
  • To level the playing field
  • A grain of truth
  • Black and white
  • To catch someone later / next time

Sample transcript

Andrew: So, Harp. What’s new with you? How was your day?
Harp: Ah it was pretty good. Life’s good, it’s pretty boring. What about you?
Andrew: Yeah, you know what? I had a pretty busy day today. My parents and my sister, they’re all coming to visit me in a couple days actually. So I’ve just been cleaning my apartment and getting it ready for their visit.
Harp: That’s exciting is it the first time they’re coming to visit?
Andrew: Um, nope. This is actually- this will be my sister’s second time and my parents-my dad’s third time and my mom’s second time. So they’ve been here before.
Harp: Ok, so are you going to do some of the tourist stuff? Or what are you gonna do with them?
Andrew: Yeah, you know, we’ll probably hit up all the tourist sites. Maybe grab some dinner and just hang out and spend some time together.
Harp: That’s nice.
Andrew: Yeah, it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it.
Harp: Cool. Alright, so let’s get down to business. Today we’re going to do a Chatterbox episode and that’s where we chat about different topics, current events, sometimes we interview people. We just talk.
Andrew: Mhmm and I think we have an interesting topic today.

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