Chatterbox #141 – Predicting the future

In this very special episode, Harp and Andrew take out their crystal balls and look into the future! Well, not really but they do have a fascinating conversation about what they think the future will hold. Join them as they make predictions about sports, politics, technology, and more!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materialspredicting

  • To make someone’s day
  • A segue
  • A stab in the dark
  • A time capsule
  • Political stripes
  • A no-brainer
  • A matter of time
  • To go all the way
  • To boil down to something
  • A tough pill to swallow
  • Teleportation
  • To boggle someone’s mind

Sample transcript

Andrew: So, Harp, what’s new with you? How was your day today?

Harp: I had a pretty good day. I got a surprise in the office.

Andrew: A surprise? Harp: Yeah. Andrew: What kind of surprise?

Harp: Well, I had a done a favour for my friend and she sent me flowers today.

Andrew: Flowers. That’s super nice!

Harp: Yeah. I was really surprised. I didn’t think they were for me, so I opened the front door and there was a delivery guy and he had a big bouquet of flowers so I thought it was for someone else in the office and then I saw my name.

Andrew: Right on. It’s always nice when somebody thanks you by giving you a nice little present like that.

Harp: Yup. It was pretty cool and it made my day.

Andrew: Right on.

Harp: All right. So should we get started with today’s episode?

Andrew: I think that’s a great idea. Can you predict what we’re gonna talk about today?

Harp: Nice segue. So today, we’re gonna do a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat and today we’re gonna talk about predictions.

Andrew: Mmhmm. We’re gonna look into the future and try and predict what we think will occur.

Harp: Yes. Why don’t we start with talking about what a prediction is?

Andrew: A prediction is simply a statement of what you think will happen in the future.

Harp: . But a prediction is different than a guess because with a guess you’re not taking into consideration any information and a prediction you take into consideration whatever information you have or some intuition you might feel.

Andrew: Mmhmm. You’re right. So, a guess is just a stab in the dark. You are not using your intuition or you’re not using information to inform your opinion. But a prediction, on the other hand, uses some sort of information to help you make a decision or to form your opinion. So, for example, if we’re making a prediction about the weather, like a weather reporter does, they are not just wildly guessing about how the weather will be. They look at some scientific data to inform their prediction.

Harp: Yup. And if we think about the intuition side, if you think about a fortune teller, they’re gonna make a prediction about the future, but they’re gonna base it on some intuition, how they’re feeling about the person or the situation, and then they’re make a prediction.

Andrew: Yup. So, in this episode, Harp and I are gonna share our predictions about the future with you.

Harp: Hmm. I’m so intrigued.

Andrew: So this will be an interesting episode to listen back on in a couple of years and see if our predictions became true.

Harp: Yes. We’ll see how right we were.

Andrew: So our first prediction is all about the Stanley Cup. And Harp, maybe you could explaigonna n what the Stanley Cup is.

Harp: Yes. The Stanley Cup is basically the championship that the winning team wins in the National Hockey League. First there’s a regular season and they play and then the best teams go into the playoffs. And then they play each other and then the final winner wins the Stanley Cup.

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