Simplified Speech #1 – Coffee

Join us for the very first episode of our new series, Simplified Speech! Today’s topic is coffee. In this episode, Harp and Andrew chat all about coffee using natural English and everyday expressions, but with a focus on simpler, slower speech and careful pronunciation. So grab a cup of coffee, tune in to this episode, and enjoy!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materialscoffee

  • Right on
  • A non-issue
  • Wait a second
  • Comparisons using one-syllable adjectives
  • Picky and choosy
  • An average Joe
  • A winning streak
  • Used to / use to
  • To cut down on something At all

Sample transcript

Andrew:         Exactly. Today we’re introducing a brand new type of Culips episode that we’re calling Simplified Speech. In Simplified Speech episodes, we’re going to give you the same great Culips content that we always do, but we’re going to speak a little bit slower than normal and try extra hard to speak very clearly. Now, we think that everyone will love this new series, but if you find our regular Chatterbox episodes to be difficult to understand, then the Simplified Speech shows will be perfect for you.

Harp:              Yes. And this is a new type of episode for us. So please let us know what you think. And if you need us to speak even slower, we could try.

Andrew:         We could, yeah! So, Harp, how’s it going with you?

Harp:              It’s going pretty well. I’m very excited because I have some very good friends who are gonna be arriving in about an hour or two to visit for the weekend.

Andrew:         They’re coming for the weekend?

Harp:              Yes. And I haven’t seen them in a couple months and it’s gonna be really fun.

Andrew:         Cool! Where are they from?

Harp:              They are originally from the Montreal area but they live up north in Abitibi, so it’s gonna be about a 9-hour drive for them to get here and I hope it goes well and they should be here, I think, in an hour and a half.

Andrew:         Right on. So do you guys have big plans for the weekend?

Harp:              Nope. They like to just eat a lot when they come here, at different restaurants and different types of cuisine, because there’s not a lot of good restaurants up there.

Andrew:         Yeah. Well, that sounds perfect to me.

Harp:              Exactly. I love eating.

Andrew:         Me too. Well, have fun with them.

Harp:              Thanks!

Andrew:         So, I’m curious. Do your friends like to drink coffee?

Harp:              They actually love to drink coffee, and I have a problem because my coffee machine is broken.

Andrew:         Oh no! Well, what a coincidence. Our topic for today is coffee. And so, your coffee machine is broken, Harp?

Harp:              Yes. I just discovered this week it’s broken because I don’t use it very often. I don’t drink coffee.

Andrew:         You don’t drink coffee? I can’t believe it.

Harp:              I don’t drink coffee at all.

Andrew:         So what do you do in the mornings to get yourself awake?

Harp:              I drink tea.

Andrew:         You drink tea. OK. Well, that’s respectable.

Harp:              Is it?

Andrew:         Yes. I like tea as well but I have a very hard time in the mornings if I don’t have a cup or two or three of coffee.

Harp:              OK. No, see, growing up, my parents always drank tea, so I wasn’t really used to even the smell of coffee before and I used to always drink tea, even from when I was, maybe, 11 or 12 years old. Just maybe half a cup of tea and so now I love the taste of tea and I’m OK with the smell of coffee and find that it can smell quite nice, but the taste? Can’t do it.

Andrew:         This is what a lot of people say that don’t drink coffee. They love the smell, and I agree, I love the smell too, but there’s something about the taste… But for me, this is a non-issue.

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