Chatterbox #144 – An interview with Marshall

Do you relax by playing video games? If so, you’re not alone! In this Chatterbox episode, Andrew gets an inside look at the video game industry. Join him for a special interview with his friend Marshall, a real cool guy who tests video games for a living.

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Expressions included in the Learning MaterialsInterview with Marshall

  • A loft
  • The canal
  • The biz
  • Colloquial language versus jargon
  • To freeze
  • To beat a video game
  • A bug
  • To be a big something for someone
  • Muscle memory
  • For sure
  • To go along for the ride
  • Goldilocks

Sample transcript

Andrew: So, I’m here today with my friend Marshall. Marshall, what’s up?

Marshall: Uh, not a lot. I’m being interviewed and that’s nice.

Andrew: Yeah. Thanks so much for agreeing to do this.

Marshall: No problem, my pleasure.

Andrew: We’re recording today in your apartment.

Marshall: Yes.

Andrew: And your apartment is a little bit different than a regular apartment because it’s a loft apartment.

Marshall: Yes, a loft.

Andrew: A loft. And what is the difference between a regular apartment and a loft apartment?

Marshall: I would say that a loft apartment is different in that it has more space. It’s often a space with tall ceilings and less rooms than a normal apartment.

Andrew: Mmhmm. More, like, of an open layout?

Marshall: Yeah. Open concept, I would call it.

Andrew: Nice. Yeah, the ceilings are really high in here. It’s, like, double the height of my apartment, probably.

Marshall: Yeah. I wonder if you can hear the difference.

Andrew: Yeah. There’s probably good acoustics in here.

Marshall: Not the best, actually.

Andrew: Oh, really?

Marshall: You’d be surprised.

Andrew: Yeah. And so, your apartment is really just two rooms but it’s quite big.

Marshall: Yeah. I’d say, compared to many other apartments of my friends, I’d say it’s more, like, square feet. It’s actually more, like, area… more area than other spaces.

Andrew: Yeah.

Marshall: But it’s just mainly one big room

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