Chatterbox #145 – Learning to drive

Do you remember getting behind the wheel for the very first time? This episode is all about learning to drive. Join Andrew and Harp for their conversation about getting their driver’s licences. They talk about going to driver’s ed., hating parallel parking, and feeling the freedom that comes with becoming a driver!

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Expressions Included in the Learning MaterialsLearning to drive

  • Same old
  • To rack up something
  • A life event
  • To get behind the wheel
  • Wild
  • To jog someone’s memory
  • Driver’s ed
  • Yeah, no
  • It goes to show that
  • To nail something
  • A breeze
  • To freak someone out

Sample Transcript

Harp: I’m a pretty safe, cautious driver. I have to be honest though, I think that during my driver’s test is the only time that I successfully parallel parked.
Andrew: Me too! That’s so funny. I hate parallel parking, which is dumb, because in Montreal, you have to parallel park all the time. But I still hate it and I think the only time that I’ve nailed it, just perfectly, was on my driving test.
Harp: Yeah for me too, it’s- I suck at parallel parking and in Edmonton you don’t need to really do it very often because there’s so much space, there’s so many parking lots. But in Montreal, you always have to parallel park and I hate it and I get so stressed out when there’s cars behind me waiting and they’re honking and it’s so stressful I find.
Andrew: Yup, it’s a nightmare. I usually just keep driving around the block until I find an easy place to park.
Harp: Yup. So, that was the only time that I really successfully, like really quickly parallel parked was during my driving exam.
Andrew: Mhmm. Luckily for me, on my driving exam, they took me to a very secluded road where there was no other cars behind me and I think I had just been practicing downtown, where it was very busy and stressful, and so because on the test it was in a secluded, quiet area, it was just a breeze. It was easy to park there.
Harp: Yup. For me, when I had to pass my test, I had to do a theoretical section where I had to pass a multiple choice test exam about different driving rules, like can you turn right when- all the different sorts of driving rules. And then I had to do an actual practical exam. Did you have to do the same thing?
Andrew:  Yeah, there was a little kiosk in the driver’s office with a touch screen computer and there were just multiple choice questions about the theory of driving. What the road signs mean and what you can and can’t do in certain situations.
Harp: Do you think that you could pass the theoretical exam right now?
Andrew: I think so.
Harp: Yeah?
Andrew: What about you, do you think so?

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