Catch Word #165 – On the tip of my tongue

Do you have a good memory? Or are you someone who sometimes forgets details like names and dates? In this Catchword episode, Andrew and Harp introduce and explain three expressions that can be used in those frustrating situations where you have a mental block and can’t remember something that you thought you knew.

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Expressions included in the learning materials

  • The Big Apple
  • To head on over to somewhereOn the tip of my tongue
  • On the tip of my tongue
  • To swear you’ve done something before
  • A brain fart
  • To be like
  • What are friends for?
  • A senior moment
  • To go with something
  • To have something in mind

Sample Transcript:

Harp: You know, this has happened to me so often, but at work, when I go to my colleague’s office and I get there and I say hi and then I forget what my question is.
Andrew:  Yes definitely. It’s happened to me as well.
Harp: Yeah. I often have brain farts. I think I’m getting old.
Andrew: Well, should we move on to our third and final expression?
Harp: I think we should.
Andrew:  Ok. This expression is to have a senior moment.
Harp: Yes to have a senior moment.
Andrew: And this is very similar to the other two expressions that we looked at so far. When you have a senior moment you forget something for just a moment. For a temporary period of time and you might act or feel like an old person does, like a senior does.
Harp: Yes and it just means, like you said, the same thing about momentarily forgetting what you wanted to say or ask or you forget a word. You have a senior moment.
Andrew: Mhmm and you know who uses this expression a lot is my mom.
Harp: Oh really?
Andrew: Yeah. So for example if she can’t find where she put her keys, she’ll say oh I’m having a senior moment.
Harp: I think it’s ok for her to use because, you know, she’s getting a little bit older herself and if she compares herself to a senior, it doesn’t really come across as rude.
Harp: Yup but if a younger person, even someone in their 30s uses this expression, senior moment, it could be rude if there are older people around.

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