Chatterbox #148 – Bad habits

Everyone has a bad habit or two. And despite how unhealthy or annoying bad habits are, they can be hard to break. In this Chatterbox episode, Harp and Andrew talk all about bad habits. Join them for their conversation about the bad habits they had when they were kids and some of the habits they still struggle with as adults.

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Expressions included in the Learning MaterialsBad habits

  • A bad habit
  • Stoked
  • To kick it
  • To pick up after yourself
  • Fair enough
  • To be verbing away
  • Absent-minded
  • Grouchy
  • Hangry
  • To pick on someone
  • To snowball
  • All part of something

Sample transcript

Harp: Yes. So today we’re gonna bring you a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat. We pick a topic, and we talk about it, basically. So today, we’re gonna talk about something pretty interesting.
Andrew: Yeah. Bad habits.
Harp: Yes. Bad habits. But I don’t have any, remember, Andrew. I’m perfect, so …
Andrew: Yeah. So this is gonna be a very short episode because Harp has no bad habits to talk about.
Harp: I’m just joking.
Andrew: Well luckily, I have a lot of bad habits, so I’ll make up for your lack.
Harp: All right, so we’re gonna break it down into talking about some of the common bad habits that kids have. Then we’re gonna talk about some of our bad habits that we had as kids.
Andrew: And then we’re going to talk about bad habits that adults have.
Harp: Yes.
Andrew: And then we’ll talk about some of the bad habits we have now that we’d like to get rid of.
Harp: Yes. So let’s get started.
Andrew: Sure. So today, we’re talking about bad habits. And Harp, how would you define a bad habit?
Harp: A bad habit is basically something that someone does often, and they usually do it without thinking, and it’s bad because it’s not the proper behaviour.
Andrew: Mmhmm. So it’s just a repeated action that you do, and it feels natural to do, but it has a negative consequence, right? It affects somebody negatively.

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