Chatterbox #146 – Privacy

Do you ever feel like somebody’s watching you? Today’s episode is all about privacy. Join Harp and Andrew as they talk about hackers and online security, governments and national security, and even political scandals!

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Expressions in the Learning Materials:Privacy

  • Where it’s at
  • To hack in / to hack into something
  • Creepy
  • To be up to no good
  • Taboo Transparent
  • A hot topic
  • Behind closed doors
  • Room for improvement
  • A different angle

Sample Transcript:

Andrew: You know what? I’m pretty tired today. I just got back from a really long trip.

Harp: Oh, yeah? Where did you go?

Andrew: I went to the East Coast of Canada, and I visited Halifax, which is in the province of Nova Scotia. And I also went to Fredericton and Moncton in New Brunswick.

Harp: Wow. That’s really cool. I’ve never been there. How was it?

Andrew: It was pretty amazing, I have to say. I’ve never been there before either, but it was great. It was a really cool experience. I got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Harp: Oh, I’m jealous. I haven’t seen it yet.

Andrew: Yeah. And the scenery is beautiful. I drove from Montreal, and, yeah, it’s amazing. You get to see the Saint Lawrence River, and it’s fantastic. You should take a road trip out there.

Harp: I think I’m definitely gonna do that. I’ve also heard that you can take the train from Montreal to Halifax and it’s beautiful as well.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. I bet so.

Harp: So which was your favourite of the three cities?

Andrew: Well, they’re all pretty small places. Moncton is really nice, but I think Halifax is where it’s at. I think that’s my favourite for sure.

Harp: OK. No, I’m definitely gonna have to go there.

Andrew: Mmhmm. It’s very pretty, and very quaint, and you’d love it.

Harp: Very cool. OK, so let’s get started with today’s episode. We’re gonna be bringing you a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat. We pick a topic and we discuss it.