Simplified Speech #3 – Haircuts

How do you style your hair? Today’s Simplified Speech episode is all about haircuts. Join Harp and Andrew as they discuss their own worst haircuts ever and talk about some trendy hairstyles that can be seen in Canada right now!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:Haircuts

  • I would say
  • Causative verbs
  • To push
  • Hairstyles
  • Epic
  • Right on

Sample transcript

Andrew: Mmhmm. I get a haircut maybe once every 2 months.

Harp: You know, I don’t really like getting my hair cut because I just like longer hair, and I feel that I was never able to find a good hair stylist. So I sometimes cut my hair only once a year.

Andrew: Mmhmm. This is not unusual for people that have longer hair, though.

Harp: Yeah. That’s true. And I never actually had my first haircut until I was 12 years old.

Andrew: 12 years old? Really?

Harp: Mmhmm. I had very, very long hair when I was young.

Andrew: Wow. Was this something that your family wanted you to have, or was this a personal decision?

Harp: Oh, no. It was very much from my family. It’s very traditional to just have long hair in India, so my parents never cut my hair, and I always had a very long braid. And when I was young, like, maybe in grade 3, I remember the school pictures where I had two braids that kind of twisted up to my ear, and then my mom put ribbons – so a little bit like Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Andrew: Yeah.

Harp: It was very unfashionable, but it worked for me.

Andrew: That sounds cool. The Princess Leia haircut is pretty neat.

Harp: Yeah. So my first haircut was very late, but I don’t know… Most people, I think, cut their hair when they’re 2 or 3 for the first time?

Andrew: Yeah. It’s always funny. You know, these days a lot of my friends are starting to have kids, and so these kids have to go get their hair cut for the very first time. And it can be a traumatic experience for a little kid.

Harp: Then I think there are some hairdressers that specialize in kids’ haircuts because they kind of distract the kids, and they make it a very gentle experience.

Andrew: Mmhmm. Because there’s a lot of scary stuff going on. You’ve got scissors and buzzers and all of these sharp materials, so I can imagine it being a scary experience.

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