Chatterbox #150 – The Culips bookworm club

There’s nothing better than a good page-turner, is there? In this episode, Harp and Andrew talk all about reading. Join them as they discuss their reading habits, the books they had to read for school, and their favourite novels of all time.

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:bookwarm

  • To leave an impression on someone
  • To be big on something
  • A bookworm I feel you
  • The wrong side of the tracks
  • To speak to you
  • To be into something
  • Magical realism
  • On the flip side
  • To branch away


Sample Dialogue:

Harp: Pretty good. I’m a little bit tired right now because I just came back from a work trip.

Andrew: A work trip? Like a business trip?

Harp: Yup. I was on a business trip to our Portland, Maine, office.

Andrew: Portland, Maine. I’ve been to Portland, Oregon, on the West Coast of the United States, but I’ve never been to Portland, Maine.

Harp: Everyone thought, when I said that I was going to Portland, that I was going to Portland, Oregon. And then when I told them I was driving there, they got even more concerned because they thought, “How are you gonna drive all the way across the country?” And they just got confused. But no, I went to Portland, Maine, which is a beautiful little city. And I was there for a conference, and it was very, very interesting but exhausting.

Andrew: Exhausting? But it’s a nice little place?

Harp: It’s very nice. I really recommend you go there. I don’t know if you’ve been to Maine before, but I’m a big fan.

Andrew: I’ve never been there. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

Harp: Yup. You will. ’Cause Portland’s right on the water, and it’s got all these kind of old streets. It looks a little bit like Old Montreal but with a New England style.

Andrew: OK. Very cool.

Harp: Mmhmm. And it’s lobster season, so that was wonderful.

Andrew: Oh, yeah. They’re big on seafood there, right?

Harp: Yup. Exactly.

Andrew: Cool. Cool. So today, we are going to do a Chatterbox episode, and in this kind of episode, we just have a conversation. And we talk about things that are interesting to us, current events, or Canadian culture. And today, we are going to chat about what?

Harp: We’re gonna talk about reading and books. We’re gonna start with talking about kind of how we read and where we read. And then we’re gonna talk about some of the books that we had to read.

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