Chatterbox #151 – Dreams

Do you dream every night? In this episode, Andrew and Harp take a trip to dreamland. Join them as they talk all about dreams, nightmares, and bizarre sleep habits. Don’t sleep on this episode. It’s not to be missed!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:Dreams

  • Flabbergasted
  • To recharge your batteries
  • A trigger
  • An old wives’ tale
  • To dial something back
  • Gibberish
  • Far-fetched
  • To sleep like a log
  • To pass out
  • A pet peeve
  • Like nails on a blackboard
  • The heebie-jeebies

Sample transcript

Andrew: I think, scientifically, we do dream every night, but I can’t remember them very often.
Harp: Yeah. I know a lot of people keep, kind of, dream journals by their bed so they remember. Because you forget by the time you’re awake in the daytime. But, no, I’ve tried that once and when I woke up, it was just gibberish and I couldn’t read my own writing.
Andrew: That is so funny because, actually, I tried this recently. I heard a friend of mine talking about lucid dreaming. Do you know this?
Harp: No. I don’t know it.
Andrew: So, lucid dreaming is apparently… I don’t know if this is real or not, but when you can gain consciousness in your dreams and you can control your dreams, so you can sort of decide what happens in your dreams.
Harp: That sounds like something from a sci-fi movie.
Andrew: I agree, but he said that the way that he was able to achieve this lucid state was by keeping a dream journal. So I thought, “Hmm. OK. Let me try this.” But the same thing happens. I was just writing notes on my phone about my dream, you know, as soon as I woke up. And then when I went to review, it was just gibberish. I couldn’t understand it at all.
Harp: That’s funny. Yeah, I’ve never been able to keep a dream journal.
Andrew:  Yeah. And then I decided that I don’t really care about lucid dreaming, so I just gave up.
Harp: You know what happens to me sometimes? It’ll be in the middle of the day and I’ll have, kind of, that déjà vu feeling and I’ll be like, “Why was I…?” And I’ll realize, no, it was actually a dream that I had the night before.

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