Simplified Speech #6 – Morning routines

Are you a morning person? If so, this episode is for you! Join Andrew and Maura for a conversation about what they do each and every morning. You’ll learn more about them than you ever thought you would!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:Morning routines

  • To get used to something
  • A morning person
  • The sweet spot
  • To bond over something
  • A camp
  • To carpool / a carpool
  • A cuppa joe
  • To get something going

Sample transcript

Maura: I don’t enjoy getting up very early, but I also don’t like to sleep very late because then I waste a lot of the day. So I like to get up between eight and nine o’clock in the morning, when I have a choice. When I have to go to work every day, I don’t get to decide.
Andrew: You have to find that sweet spot right between waking up too early and too
Maura: Yeah, that’s right. So, for me, the first thing that I do when I get up is have something to eat. I like to have a little breakfast and I usually drink tea.
Andrew: Tea? Right on. You’re just like Harp.
Maura: Sometimes I have a coffee, but most of the time, I drink tea. And, yeah, I know that Harp loves tea too; we’ve bonded over it.
Andrew:  So you have some breakfast and you have a cup of tea, and then what? Are you right out the door to go to work, or do you do anything else?
Maura: Well, at this point, Andrew, I’m still in my pyjamas, so I go to the bathroom and I wash my face and I wet my hair because it’s true that many people in Canada shower in the morning, but I prefer to shower at night. So in the morning, I just wash my face and fix my hair because after I sleep on it, it can look a little bit crazy.
Andrew: I was going to mention that there are two different types of people: people who shower at night and people who shower in the morning. And so you have your showers at night and I’m in the other camp; I’m a person who takes a shower in the morning, because if I don’t, I feel very sleepy. It wakes me up.
Maura: It’s funny because I used to take showers in the morning, but ever since I started taking showers at night, it makes me feel sleepy, so when I take a shower, it relaxes me and now it makes me feel like I want to go to sleep.
Andrew: So we’re totally opposites. The shower helps you go to sleep and the shower helps me wake up.
Maura: Yeah. So, after I get ready in the bathroom, I get dressed, and then I make sure that I have everything I need, like my keys, my sunglasses, my cell phone, and my wallet. And then I’m out the door.
Andrew: And now, when you go to work, are you driving to work? Are you taking the metro? Do you carpool? How do you commute?
Maura: I drive to work in my car. I could take the metro, but it’s much longer in my case, so I prefer to drive. So, Andrew, you’ve only told us that you take a shower in the morning. You have to tell us the rest of the details in your morning routine.
Andrew: Well, as I mentioned a few episodes ago, I’m a big coffee drinker, so I definitely have to make sure I have my cuppa joe in the morning to help wake me up.

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