Chatterbox #153 – An interview with Jessica: Part 1

In this special two-part Chatterbox episode (this is part 1), Andrew talks with Jessica from All Ears English. Join them for their conversation about the IELTS exam, test preparation, and the importance of setting long-term goals. If you plan on taking a standardized English test at some point in the future, don’t miss either part of this episode!

Expressions included in the Learning Materials interview with Jessica

  • To give someone the rundown
  • Jeez
  • Face-to-face
  • A hard science
  • To gear up for something

Sample transcript:

Andrew: No problem. And I was telling you earlier, but I’m very excited because this is the first interview that I’ve done remotely. So I’m here in Montreal, and where are you?

Jessica: I’m in Portland, Oregon.

Andrew: Portland, Oregon. Wow, Portland’s a really cool place, I’ve been there before.

Jessica: Oh, have you? When did you come here?

Andrew: Oh, it must’ve been about 5 years ago now. I was living in British Columbia and I actually took the train from Vancouver to Portland.

Jessica: I love that train ride, the… What is it? Amtrak Cascades, right?

Andrew: Yeah, the Cascade Line. Yeah, that’s right.

Jessica: We’ve taken the train up to Vancouver from here also, and it was probably, like, 3 years ago. And that was one of the first places my son learned to crawl.

Andrew: Oh, no way.

Jessica: It was, like, on the train, yeah. Like, under all the tables and stuff.

Andrew: It’s a good place to practise. Jessica: Yeah .It really works on your balance.

Andrew: Oh yeah, I bet. Jessica: It set him ahead, I think, crawling-wise.

Andrew: Yeah, for sure.

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