Chatterbox #154 – An interview with Jessica: Part 2

In this special two-part Chatterbox episode (this is part 2), Andrew talks with Jessica from All Ears English. Join them for their conversation about the IELTS exam, test preparation, and the importance of setting long-term goals. If you plan on taking a standardized English test at some point in the future, don’t miss either part of this episode!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials interview with Jessica

  • Test validity
  • A moment of Zen
  • Nerve-racking
  • To psych someone up
  • To have all your bases covered
  • On the spur of the moment
  • To not play around To be all business

Sample transcript

Jessica: Yeah. So to me, IELTS just… It makes more sense. It’s less complicated and it’s testing fewer skills. It’s not testing your ability to type, right?

Andrew: Right.

Jessica: It’s not testing all of these other connections between the skills. And because of that it’s easier to prepare for. And I think in your preparation, you’re going to be practising things that will carry over beyond the test and not just be wasted when the exam is finished.

Andrew: Sure, sure. OK, very cool.

Jessica: Yeah, and honestly, like I taught TOEFL for maybe one class just for a few months, but I have done more research into TOEFL to compare them, and even the most difficult reading passages and listening lectures and stuff on IELTS, I don’t think are as hard as the difficult TOEFL ones. Like, there’s way more scientific stuff in the TOEFL ones, these topics that I’ve never heard of, and I don’t think other people have either. So I think, yeah, I just think IELTS makes more sense.

Andrew: Yeah, I feel bad sometimes for students that have to write standardized tests, especially, like you said, the TOEFL. Looking at it, it can be difficult.

Jessica: It’s tough, man. Andrew: Some of the content is not easy, even for me, and I know quite a bit about English. Jessica: Right, exactly. So it’s not just your English, it’s also your interests on the outside. And I don’t know, if you’re not reading the science journal, whatever, then I don’t think you’re going to be familiar with some of these TOEFL articles, which isn’t fair, like I’m not… that’s not what I want to test, I just want to test your English ability, that’s it.

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