Catch Word #168 – Let’s get married!

There’s more than one way to talk about marriage. In this episode, Andrew and Maura explore some popular slang expressions related to getting married. If you’re thinking about popping the question, this show is a must-listen!

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Expressions included in the Learning MaterialsLet’s get married!

  • Can always / could always
  • To ask for someone’s hand in marriage
  • To pop the question
  • A Jumbotron
  • To turn up
  • To keep your eyes in the sky
  • To get hitched
  • Bridge (the card game)
  • To tie the knot
  • Up to you

 Sample transcript

Maura: Now, today we’re going to do a Catchword episode for you, and that is where we look at related expressions. And today we’re going to look at three different expressions that are related to… What, Andrew?

Andrew: Weddings. Do you hear the wedding bells in the distance?

Maura: I do.

Andrew: Yeah. So our expressions today are all related to wedding slang and alternative expressions you can use to talk about getting married.

Maura: So first we’re going to start with an expression that has to do with asking someone to marry you, because it’s really the first step if you want to get married.

Andrew: Mmhmm. You have to ask for somebody’s hand in marriage, you’re right. That’s the first step.
Maura: OK, so this expression is to pop the question.
Andrew: Mmhmm. To pop the question.
Maura: So, to pop the question means to ask someone to get married. That’s it.
Andrew: Mmhmm. So the question is: Will you marry me? That’s what the question part of that expression is. And to pop; to pop is an interesting verb, I think, and it’s kind of got this surprise element, right? If you pop the question to somebody, they’re probably not expecting that you’re going to ask them to marry you right now.

Maura: It’s true that because you hear the word pop, it does mean that it was a surprise and not planned. And traditionally, this is how two people decide to get married; the male pops the question to the female, so the male in the relationship asks the female to get married.

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