Simplified Speech #7 – Valentine’s Day

In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and our new co-host Suzanne talk about Valentine’s Day! Suzanne tells a mysterious story about a secret admirer and Andrew talks about a haircut worth crying over. So take a listen; we think you’ll love it!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials

  • The roots of something
  • There you go
  • A valentine
  • Snail mail
  • To flirt Detention

Sample transcript

Andrew: Just a little bit. And today our topic is a very romantic topic.

Suzanne: That’s right. Andrew: It is Valentine’s Day. Suzanne: It’s coming up very soon.

Andrew: It’s coming up very soon, indeed. And so, I wanted to start this episode by talking about the history of Valentine’s Day.

Suzanne: I don’t even know the history of Valentine’s Day at all. So please, enlighten me, Andrew.

Andrew: I will. So, Valentine’s Day originally started as a Christian holiday, and it was celebrated to recognize the importance of a guy named Saint Valentine.

Suzanne: OK.

Andrew: And he would go and help prisoners and ex-soldiers and people who weren’t viewed highly in society. And he would marry them, actually. So if they wanted to get married, he would perform the ceremony. And I think that’s where the romantic element of Valentine’s Day comes in.

Suzanne: Almost like an ancient Cupid, in a sense.

Andrew: Exactly. So this is where Valentine’s Day got its roots, but today we celebrate it totally differently.

Suzanne: Completely different.

Andrew: Yeah. How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Or how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Suzanne?

Suzanne: Well, the way I celebrate Valentine’s Day… I remember, as a kid, in school, we would give little notes, kind wishes, or funny pictures on cards, and… to our friends in class. And now I give my boyfriend a little gift or a box of chocolate or we sometimes celebrate by going out for dinner.

Andrew: Nice!

Suzanne: Or a nice bottle of wine, perhaps.

Andrew: There you go. Yeah, I remember that too. When I was in elementary school, Valentine’s Day was always fun because you would give and receive valentines to everyone in the class.

Suzanne: Everyone, yeah.

Andrew: And that went on for a little while, then as you get older, it stops, and you only give a valentine to the one you love.

Suzanne: Yes. And it can be a little lonely.

Andrew: Sure.

Suzanne: If you don’t have someone special in your life, I guess. And so, one of my friends, she has a tradition where she takes little fun notes and cards and sends these cards to all of her friends still.

Andrew: She still does it?

Suzanne: She still does it and she’s about 45 years old and she still sends cards to everyone. It’s very nice.

Andrew: Wow. In the mail? Suzanne: In the mail.

Andrew: Not in email. Suzanne: No, in the paper mail. She buys cards. Andrew: Snail mail.

Suzanne: Snail mail.

Andrew: Nice!

Suzanne: Yeah.

Andrew: That’s really sweet.

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