Chatterbox #161 – The Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest night of glitz and glamour is just around the corner. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne talk all about the Oscars. Join them as they discuss the current controversy surrounding this year’s awards, their favourite moments from past Oscar shows, and their predictions for who will win this year!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materialstheoscar

  • To soup something up
  • To be primed up
  • A red carpet malfunction and a wardrobe malfunction
  • Quote/unquote
  • The national stage
  • To push the envelope
  • To have a soft place in your heart for something
  • To get the nod
  • Insider information
  • A movie buff

Sample transcript

Andrew:  OK, so before the Oscars begin, there’s always the pre-show.
Suzanne:   The pre-show, that’s what it’s called.
Andrew:  Yeah, where you can watch the celebrities come out of their limo and walk up the red carpet.
Suzanne: Right, and some of them are wearing very high heels, and they sometimes have a red carpet malfunction and fall, um, and it can be funny to watch.
Andrew:  Or worse.
Suzanne:  Or worse, a wardrobe malfunction.

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