Simplified Speech #8 – Our favourite news sources

What’s your favourite source of news? That’s the topic of conversation in this Simplified Speech episode. Join Andrew and Suzanne as they talk about how they use the Internet, podcasts, and social media to stay up to date and informed.

Expressions included in the learning materialsnews

  • Back episodes
  • The gist
  • To take up space
  • To toss on something
  • Clickbait
  • To keep someone in the loop
  • Fantasy football
  • To be all over the map

Sample transcript

Suzanne:   I’m not proud of my statement that I get news from Facebook, but it is helpful. And if I’m on Facebook that long, at least I’m reading something that has to be a current event.
Andrew:  Yeah. It’s interesting because I end up reading news stories that I never would usually because of this Facebook News bar on the sides of my page.
Suzanne: Yeah.
Andrew:  Like, the other day I was reading about the best-dressed celebrities at an awards show in Europe, which is totally not interesting to me …
Suzanne: Yeah.
Andrew:  But I clicked it for some reason, and then wasted about 10 minutes looking at pictures of celebrities.
Suzanne: Yeah. And this is my problem too, and it’s called clickbait.

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