Chatterbox #165 – Interview with Morag

In this episode, Andrew interviews Morag, the newest member of the Culips team. Join Andrew as he gets to know all the nerdy details about our newest co-host!


Expressions included in the Learning Materials

  • Rookie mistake
  • Edgy
  • To stick with it
  • To let something slide
  • Trial and error

Sample Dialogue

Andrew: On today’s episode, I will be interviewing the newest member of the Culips family, Morag. Morag will be helping co-host with me, and I couldn’t be happier about this, and I can’t wait to introduce her to you. So that’s what we’ll be doing today.
  Before we start, I’ll tell you a little story about the problems I had recording this episode. It really turned out to be quite the ordeal. Morag and I recorded this interview, actually, several weeks ago. But then when I tried to edit that episode, I realized that I made a mistake—and this is actually quite a rookie mistake.
  I forgot to hit the record button. And so I ended up with blank audio files, and that was disappointing. So what you’ll hear today is the make-up interview that Morag and I rescheduled. But, while we were recording this interview today, suddenly my microphone died and I had to switch microphones half-way through the interview.
  So you’ll notice a change in the quality of the audio when this happens. And I apologize for that. It’s less than perfect sounding. But I think you’ll be able to hear and understand me OK. So, please, let it slide just this once.
  OK, so now it’s time for the interview. Here it is: Introducing the new Culips co-host, Morag.
  Hi Morag, how are you?
Morag: I’m doing pretty well, Andrew. And how about you?
Andrew: I am good. I am super excited to have you on Culips.
Morag: Oh, thanks so much. I’m excited to be here.
Andrew: Yeah. And the reason that I’m talking to you today is because you are the newest member of the Culips team. You are going to help me co-host some episodes in the future. So this is very exciting for me.
Morag: And for me, too. I’m really excited to start out and get to know all you guys.
Andrew: Awesome, awesome. OK, so, since you are new, I am going to interview you today, if that’s OK, so that our listeners can get to know you a little bit.
Morag: Absolutely.
Andrew: Very good, OK. So I have a lot of questions for you. I’m a very curious person.
Morag: Well, that sounds like fun. I’ve never been interviewed before.
Andrew: There’s a first time for everything.
Morag: Yes.
Andrew: OK, so Question One: Your name is very interesting to me. I’ve never met anybody with the name Morag before. So could you tell me a little bit about your name?
Morag: I definitely can. It’s quite normal to not have met a Morag before. It’s a Scottish name. So it’s not actually English language at all. It’s Scottish Gaelic. And I have it because my mother is Scottish.
Andrew: OK, I was thinking it might be Scottish. Interesting.
Morag: Apparently, it used to have an H on the end. So… used to be even more confusing.
Andrew: I was curious about that, because it looks like a word that would have an H on the end. I just thought that in my head, and I was almost going to ask you that question. And do other family members, like, I don’t know if you have a brother or sister, do they also have interesting Gaelic names?
Morag: I actually think that I’m one of the only ones on the actual Scottish side of the family with a Gaelic name. Well, I guess there’s my mom, Fiona, but that’s not actually… that’s not Gaelic. That was made up in the 19th century in a romance novel, so.
Andrew: Funnily enough, my mom is also named Fiona.
Morag: Really?
Andrew: Yeah.
Morag: That’s quite odd.
Andrew: Yeah, the Scottish connection. But that’s interesting. I didn’t know that that’s where that name came from.
Morag: Yeah, no, it sounds like it could be Gaelic, but it is not.
Andrew: Yeah, interesting. I’ll have to tell that to my mom. I’ll see if she knows.
  Do people call your mom Fi?
Morag: Yeah, her family does. My grandmother definitely calls her Fi.
Andrew: That’s my mom’s nickname too.
Morag: Yeah, very, very Scottish.
Andrew: Cool, OK. So we know your mom is from Scotland, but where are you from originally?
Morag: I am originally from the West Coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island, little place called Victoria.
Andrew: Victoria, yeah. I like Victoria.

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