Catch word #172 – Causing a scene

If you’re angry and want to make your feelings known, it’s time to raise hell with Andrew and Morag as they discuss three expressions for publicly expressing anger and frustration: to cause a scene, to make a stink, and to raise hell.


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To ring a bell
  • Trivia
  • To be off the hook
  • To party hard
  • To be around the corner

Sample transcript

Morag: I think this one is even a bit more fun. It’s evocative. You can see a picture of somebody usually making a disturbance or being uncontrollable
Andrew:  So when you make a stink or you cause a scene, you are, you know, you are arguing, you are complaining, you are being loud in public.

But when you raise hell, you really go all the way. You really argue loudly. You really complain loudly. You really make your anger known. But, again, it always happens in a public place where other people could see.

Morag: Absolutely. It would be impossible to raise hell all on your own.
Andrew: No, you couldn’t raise hell in a library by yourself.
Morag: No. It would be totally impossible. But with raising hell, there’s a kind of distance from what you should do that’s even further than causing a stink or making a scene. It’s really strong.
Andrew: And we should mention that to raise hell actually has a couple of different definitions. So there’s the one that we just talked about, about these loud and strong and noisy public protests. And there’s also more of a fun definition, which means kind of to party or to have a good time is to raise hell.
Morag: The raising hell having a party, it’s not having a quiet party at home. It’s going out on the streets and being crazy and having fun.
Andrew: And if you want to learn a little bit more about the second definition, you should become a Culips member and check out the learning materials because we’ll explain it there for you.

But, for now, we’ll stick to our first definition. And I think it’s time we give some examples. So let’s jump to ’em.


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