Chatterbox #166 – The Royal Family

Here’s a fact that might blow your mind: Canada has a queen. Join Andrew and Morag as they discuss how Canada ended up with a queen, some notable royals, and their personal opinions on the monarchy.

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Sample transcript

Andrew:   So today, we’re going to record a Chatterbox episode, and this is where we have a conversation about a subject that we think is interesting. It might be something to do with pop culture or history or Canadian culture.
Morag: Or when all three of those things intersect in something like the Royal Family.
Andrew: Exactly. And that’s our topic today—the Royal Family.
Morag: Mmhmm.
Andrew: Maybe a lot of our listeners don’t know that Canada actually has a Royal Family.
Morag: We have the same monarchy that the British Isles have.
Andrew: Yeah. And so a lot of times, even I forget that we have a Royal Family. And one of the recent reminders that I got that we have a Royal Family is one of my students back in Canada. He’s from France originally, and he just became a Canadian citizen.
 Morag: Well, that’s wonderful.
 Andrew:  Yeah, yeah. I was pretty happy for him. And as part of the ceremony, he had to swear allegiance to the Queen.
 Morag:  That’s really weird.

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