Simplified Speech #011 – Canada Day

Do you know what’s just around the corner? On July 1st, it’s Canada Day! Join Andrew and Morag as they talk about the ways they celebrate their nation’s birthday. Whether you celebrate with fireworks or with cultural festivals, Canada Day is a day to party hard!

Expressions included in the Learning Materials

  • Canada_DayTo ring a bell
  • Trivia
  • To be off the hook
  • To party hard
  • To be around the corner

Sample transcript

Andrew:   I’m feeling pretty good. And I’m really excited because one of my most favourite days of the year is just around the corner.
Morag:  Yeah? Which one might that be?
Andrew:  Canada Day!
Morag:  Oh, that’s fun! Yeah, it’s our nation’s national celebration coming up real soon.
Andrew:  And so today we’re going to do a Simplified Speech episode where we talk all about Canada Day. And, in our Simplified Speech episodes, we have a natural conversation. We use everyday English expressions but we speak at a slower speed than we usually would.
Morag:  So today we’ll be talking to you slowly but clearly about Canada Day.
Andrew:  So, Morag, skill-testing question for you.
Morag:  Oh dear!
Andrew:  I know you like trivia.
Morag:  I do!

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