Chatterbox #167 – Interview With Ben M

In today’s episode, Andrew gets to know Ben M, a new ESL teacher from the United States. Join Andrew and Ben M as they talk about everything from teaching English to Indiana slang to self-driving cars.

Expressions included in the Learning Materials


  • Me time
  • To knock on wood
  • Hype
  • To stereotype
  • All over the place

Sample transcript

Andrew: Cool, OK. So tell me a little bit more about where you live. What is an awesome thing about where you live?

Ben: An awesome thing where I live is the IU campus, which is the Indiana University. We’re really only about 10 miles away from it, so we have a very great opportunity to meet lots of people who have English as a second language, people who came here to follow different business courses and learn to become businessmen and women. Our campus is a great resource for them. So Indiana University has been a great opportunity for me as a teacher. I volunteer at our local library, as well as on campus, to help people learn English, so that has been a neat opportunity. Something awesome would be the Indiana University, and with that comes all of the culture. So we have people, a lot from China, from Taiwan, from all over places of the world that come to this university. So it’s become more of a melting pot of people that get to meet and see all sorts of different cultures. So it’s pretty unique to have that, and so close to where I live.

Andrew: Yeah, universities are great places, like you say. You get to experience lots of different cultures and see many different people, so that’s always very nice.

Ben: Yeah, I love it.

Andrew: Is IU the home of the… how do I say it, the Hoosiers?

Ben: You could say, it’s… it’s definitely… like…. The Hoosiers is a definite hot topic here.

Andrew: Oh yeah?

Ben: Because it goes with the basketball team, and the Indiana Hoosiers is the basketball team. So if you talk about the Hoosiers here, you’re going to notice there’s a lot of very passionate fans for basketball.

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