In A Cab Comprehension Questions

In our latest episode, Real Talk 001: In A Cab, we asked you three comprehension questions. If you haven’t listened to this episode, make sure to check it out now.

Here are the answers to the comprehension questions:

1. When Lisa points out that she lives in “this brick building”, is she close to the building or far away from it?

Lisa is close to the brick building. This is used to talk about people and things which are close to the speaker.

2. Why does Lisa say just in the dialogue?

Lisa uses just to signal to the driver that they are getting close to the destination, but there is still a little bit to go.

3. Why does Lisa say keep the change as she gets out of the taxi?

In North America, it is common practice to tip taxi drivers. The expression keep the change means that the taxi driver (or server, hair dresser, or anyone else you might tip) can keep any change from the bill as their tip. For example, if your lunch bill is $18.00 and you pay with a $20.00 bill and tell the server to keep the change, the server will keep $2.00 as their tip.

So, Lisa uses keep the change to tip her taxi driver.