Real Talk #001 – In a cab

Welcome to Culips’s first Real Talk episode, where we explain practical expressions and vocabulary to help you get around in English-speaking places! In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne teach you extremely useful phrases for taking a cab.

Expressions included in the learning materialsReal Talk 1

  • Anywhere on the right/left is fine
  • Drop me off somewhere
  • Keep the change
  • Could you slow down a bit?
  • Do you have room for something?

Sample transcript

Andrew:      Today, we are very excited to introduce a brand new type of episode—a Real Talk episode. And Suzanne, could you explain what a Real Talk episode is?
Suzanne:           Sure. It’s really fun. In Real Talk episodes, we’re going to focus on expressions, practical expressions, that you use every day. And in today’s episode, we’re going to look at how to take a cab. Things you’ll say when you would take a cab and speak to the driver.
Andrew: Exactly. So this is something a lot of people do very often is take a cab or take a taxi. So first, you will hear a dialogue where a character named Lisa is taking a taxi home from work, and she needs to give directions to the cab driver to bring her to her apartments. So take a listen to this dialogue. And afterwards, we will discuss it and dissect it, and talk about the key expressions that Lisa uses to make sure she gets home OK.
Lisa: Hey there.
Cab driver: Hey, where are you going today?
Lisa: Uh, 5th and Franklin, please.
Cab driver: No problem. So here we are—5th and Franklin.
Lisa: Oh, great. My apartment is just down there. Can you keep going a little bit?
Cab driver: Sure.
Lisa: OK. Make a right on this side street coming up.
Cab driver: OK. No problem.

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