Chatterbox #169 – Andrew’s travel nightmare

Have you ever gotten the short end of the stick while you were on vacation? Well, Andrew certainly did! Join Andrew and Morag as he tells the story of his vacation nightmare.

Fun fact

Chengdu airport was built in 1939 and today covers well over 9,000,000 square metres! InLM_CB169_Andrews_travel_nightmare
2015, more that 42.2 million passengers passed though the airport, making it the fourth
busiest in mainland China.

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • A perk
  • To hit up
  • Stars align
  • On cloud nine
  • One’s spidey senses are tingling
  • To get the short end of the stick

Sample Dialogue

Andrew: Today, we’re going to actually talk about a trip I took, ah, about 2 months ago now. And, you know, this was a travel nightmare. I have a travel nightmare story to share with you.
Morag: I’m doing pretty darn well. And how are you doing, Andrew?

Yeah, sorry about that.


It’s totally cool. But why was it such a nightmare?


Well …

Morag: And where were you going?
Andrew: Yeah. Let’s rewind all the way back to the beginning, OK?
Morag: Yeah.
Andrew: This is in … this happened in May. I had suddenly learned that I had a 4?day long weekend. As most people probably know, I live in Korea now. And in Korea in May there is a holiday called Children’s Day. And Children’s Day is a national holiday that university workers, like myself, get off. And this was on a Thursday. But the government decided, hey, you know what, let’s make the following Friday also a holiday so that people can have a 4-day long weekend.
Morag: That’s nice.
Andrew: It was nice, right?


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