Chatterbox #172 – Interview with Jenn Foote

Are you self-conscious about your accent, or do you have trouble mimicking the speech patterns of native English speakers? In this week’s episode, you can learn useful information and some great tips for practicing your spoken English from Dr. Jenn Foote, a specialist from the University of Alberta in English pronunciation. 

Fun facts

Learning a second language is not only useful, but also grows grey matter! It has been a long-held belief that teaching children another language at an early age delays their language development. However, current research indicates that bilingual children reach milestones at around the same age as their peers, and speaking more than one language has cognitive benefits, possibly resulting in denser grey matter in areas of the brain associated with language.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Shadowing
  • A suprasegmental
  • The takeaway
  • To bear with someone/something

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