Real Talk #004 – Part 2: Ordering lunch

Ordering lunch at a sit-down restaurant can be tricky. In this episode, Andrew and Suzanne conclude their chat about ordering lunch. Join them as they discuss some useful questions and phrases related to ordering lunch at a sit-down restaurant.

Fun facts

In Canada, tipping, leaving a gratuity, is common practice and the proper etiquette when paying for a meal at a sit-down restaurant. Generally, tipping 15% to 20% of your final bill is considered to be the norm, especially if the service was satisfactory.
Although many restaurants around the world include the service charge in the price of the meal, this is rarely the case in Canada. Most restaurants will leave tipping up to the discretion of the customer.

Expressions you’ll learn in this episode

  • Can you help me order?
  • What do you recommend?
  • Can I replace that with this?
  • Can I get the rest to go?
  • I’m in a rush

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