Catch Word #176 – Dish it!

We all like to gossip sometimes. So come join Andrew and Morag for this Catch Word episode to learn the dirt and juicy expressions related to gossip.

Fun factdishit

According to evolutionary psychology, gossip is more than idle talk. It is how we bond with others and considered to be an evolved social skill! It can even help to establish social norms and protect others from bad behaviour.

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • The dirt
  • To dish/to dish out
  • Juicy
  • Aka
  • Behind someone’s back

Sample transcript

Andrew: And we’re going to do a Catch Word episode. And so in a Catch Word episode, we talk about two related expressions, and we explain these expressions, define them, give you some usage examples. So by the end of the show, you should be able to incorporate them into your English-speaking life.

The two expressions that we will look at today are all about personal information and sharing personal information. And this could be information about yourself or other people, so rumours, gossip, this sort of thing.

Today’s first expression is the dirt. OK? The dirt. And I’m not talking about the dirt that’s in our gardens that we use for growing things. I’m talking about the dirt that is shocking or very personal information.

Morag: Yeah, it can also be gossip, right? It’s related to things that people might say about you.
Andrew: Yeah, so the dirt is gossip or shocking information about someone or about something. It’s kind of scandalous. It’s scandalous information. And I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, I hear this expression used a lot when people are talking about celebrity scandals or celebrity gossip.

Morag: I definitely experience that as well, although I think I hear it the most when say a friend of mine is asking how a date went.

Andrew: Ooh yeah. That’s another good usage.

Morag: They’ll say, “Ooh, give me the dirt. So tell me all about that thing that happened to you.”

Andrew: Mmhmm.

Morag: Yeah.

Andrew: All the details.

Morag: Mmhmm, yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Let’s get to some examples with the dirt.

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