Chatterbox #174 – Playing in bands

Everybody likes listening to music, but what is it like to actually make music? From song writing, to recording, to gigging, come learn all about Andrew and Suzanne’s experiences playing in bands in Montreal. Rock on!

Fun facts

In 2013, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield played David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” while on the International Space Station. More than 22 million people have watched the song’s video, which was the first ever to be made in space!
Check out the website for Andrew’s band, NO ALOHA.

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Gibberish
  • To click
  • A tough pill to swallow
  • Rock on
  • A cover
  • Take the lead

Credit:Audio/Learning Materials: CulipsPhoto: Shutterstock

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