Simplified Speech #013 – Fall favourites

It’s that time of year again—autumn. The leaves are changing colours and it’s starting to get chilly outside. Join Andrew and Morag in this Simplified Speech episode as they talk all about what they like most about fall.


Fun fact

Ambrosia, Gala, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Red Prince—what are all these evocative, rich-sounding names? They're just some of the many apple varieties that grow throughout Canada!

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Spooky
  • To reinvent yourself
  • To wrap it up
  • Superficial

Sample transcript

Andrew: Hey, Morag. How are you?

Morag: I'm doing really well, thanks, Andrew. How about you?

Andrew: I'm a little bit hungry, but I think I'll be OK. I can get through this episode no

Morag: I'm proud of you, Andrew, that's great.

Andrew: Thanks. Well, let's get right to it so I can eat when we're done. Today we're
going to do a Simplified Speech episode, OK? And this is where you and I,
we have a natural conversation using everyday English, but we speak at a
slower speed than we normally do.
And so these episodes are really focused towards beginner- and
intermediate-level learners.

Morag: That's right. So today, we are going to chat about our very favourite fall

Andrew: Mmhmm. Ah, yes, it's fall. Today, I saw some of the leaves on the trees
outside of my house and they were changing colour. Summer is quickly
leaving us.

Morag: I'm very excited about that. Fall is by far my favourite season of the year.

Andrew: Favourite season, OK. Why? Why is it your favourite season?

Morag: I feel the most energetic and alive. I think that the clear, crisp air, lower
temperatures, not so crazy-blinding sun … All of those work really well for
me. The other thing is that I feel like fall is the real beginning of the new year,
because I think of going to school for so many years, it's the new beginning.
It's the new time to reinvent yourself for change or start something new.

Andrew: Yeah, I've always felt that way, too. Fall was a good time to reset the
balance of my life, reset my goals and get focused again. Because things
just are crazy in the summer.

Morag: Mmhmm.

Andrew: People are on vacation, the nights are long, it's hot, you can't think straight,
and everything just comes undone by life during the summer. So I can wrap
it back up in the fall and get focused again.

Morag: And that's a nice feeling. And like I said before, I just get so much more
energized by the cooler weather. I always want to, like, climb a mountain. If
it's, I don't know, 17° Celsius, I just want to go for a run. It's great.

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