Chatterbox #176 – Casinos

Are you in the mood for fun? Let your hair down, and join Andrew and Suzanne as they discuss casinos, nightlife, and painting the town red!

Fun factcasino

Casinos are quite popular in Canada, and are littered across the country. Some of these casinos are full-fledged resorts with on-site hotels, spas, restaurants, and attractions. Casino Niagara, located in Ontario, is built right next to the Niagara Falls. It opened in 1996, and remains one of Canada’s most well-known casinos.

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • A hotspot
  • An alter ego
  • To be feeling it
  • To paint the town red
  • To let your hair down
  • To throw caution to the wind

Sample transcript

Andrew: Hey, I bet you can’t guess what I did last week.

Suzanne: What did you do?

Andrew: I bought a lottery ticket. And I never ever buy lottery tickets, but I was feeling particularly lucky that day.

Suzanne: Ooh.

Andrew: I just had a really good day. I was feeling it. And one of my friends always buys lottery tickets, so kinda got me thinking about playing the lottery. But you know what? Didn’t win anything.

Suzanne: Aw, snap! I’m sorry. You know, next time you feel lucky, you know what you should do?

Andrew: Hmm, what’s that?

Suzanne: You book a ticket to Vegas, baby.

Andrew: Las Vegas. I’ve never been to Vegas before. But you’re right, that’s a great place to go if you’re feeling lucky.

Suzanne: It is.

Andrew: Maybe the place to go. So today, we are going to do a Chatterbox episode, where we have a natural conversation and we speak freely and talk about an interesting topic. And today, we’re talking all about casinos.

Suzanne: Ooh!

Andrew: Suzanne, I want to start this episode just by giving a general definition and explanation about what casinos are ’cause they’re a little bit different in every part of the world. So just briefly, what’s a casino?

Suzanne: Yeah, it’s my experience that casinos are large buildings or sometimes even hotels. They have restaurants. They have areas where there’s a lot of gaming going on. So they have card tables and craps tables and slot machines, and different kinds of games where you gamble money, but you can win money. And sometimes they have shows. They have … Yeah, lots of fun activities for adults. And usually, I think there’s an age limit. Like, you have to be at least 18 or 21, I think, because there are gambling rules, at least in the States.

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