Chatterbox #179 – 2016: The year in review

2016 is almost over, and 2017 is fast approaching. What are you going to remember most about 2016? In this special Chatterbox episode, all three of the Culips hosts discuss the most interesting and memorable personal and global events that happened this year. Come join Andrew, Suzanne, and Morag as they share their highlights of 2016!


Fun fact

2016’s calendar is exactly the same as 1994’s calendar, in terms of days, dates, and festivals!

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Big time
  • A highlight
  • A downer
  • To blow [someone] away
  • To steal [someone’s] thunder

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Sample transcript

Andrew:           Today we have a very special episode for everyone. Not only are all three Culips hosts here together at the same time, but it is our last episode of 2016! So, today we’re going to take a look back at the year. This episode will be a Chatterbox episode and, in a Chatterbox episode, we just chat. We pick a specific topic and discuss it. And today’s topic is 2016, a year in review. So, guys, 2016. Big year, right?

Morag:              Oh yeah!

Suzanne:        Yeah. It’s been a year of big ups and big downs, I would say.

Morag:              I would definitely agree. It was a pretty big year for the news.

Andrew:           Yeah, so without going into the details, some of the big news stories that stand out to me this year, first of all, is Brexit.

Suzanne:        Ugh, Brexit.

Andrew:           Brexit! Do you remember Brexit? And of course Brexit, for all our listeners out there, is the event where the UK decided to separate from the European Union. So this is a blended word: Britain, the UK, Britain and exit. Together: Brexit. So we had Brexit. We had the American election, that was a huge, huge news story.

Suzanne:        And all of the things that led up to that election, too. There were a lot of news stories throughout that whole period, right? Even leading up to that.

Andrew:           Big time.

Morag:              It was a long 8 months of constant news, yes. We also had things like the Olympics.

Suzanne:        Yes, that was fun.

Andrew:           I love the Olympics. And this year was especially good, Canada won a couple of really nice track and field medals, so I was happy this year with the Olympic results.

Suzanne:        Yeah, and also my favourite event is the gymnastics.

Morag:              Me too!

Suzanne:        And I got to really enjoy some of the US gymnastic girls. Simone Biles, she was pretty rock and roll, that was cool to watch.

Andrew:           She’s really good, isn’t she?

Suzanne:        Yeah, yeah, she was quite phenomenal, yeah.

Morag:              It’s my favourite set of events as well, because I just don’t understand how you can do that with your body. It’s just kind of amazing, so.

Suzanne:        Right? It defies gravity and rules of physics.

Morag:              Yeah, how do you do that?

Andrew:           All right, so looking back, evaluating 2016, is there a special moment or special thing that you’ll always remember? And maybe I’ll ask this question to Suzanne first. What do you think, Suzanne?

Suzanne:        Yeah, I … I think that for me, a really big event that happened that I will always remember is where the Cubs won the World Series this year, this past early November. And they hadn’t won the World Series in 108 years! So this was a really big deal, that they finally broke the baseball curse and won the World Series.

Andrew:           Wow. The Chicago Cubs. The professional baseball team.

Suzanne:        Yes, the Chicago Cubs. They’re a Major League Baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. And they’re, like, what’s called the underdog in their city because the Chicago White Sox are the, kind of, big, famous team from that city. And the Cubs are sort of the underdogs, the ones that never win. So it was really cool to root for the underdog team and see them rise up and finally win the big World Series match.


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