Real Talk #008 – Getting a refund

Shopping can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re on vacation. However, sometimes you make a purchase that doesn’t work out. Getting a refund can be a tricky process, especially in your second language. In today’s episode, Andrew and Morag explain all the essential expressions and phrases you need to successfully return an item for a refund!
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Fun facts

Montreal, Canada, is home to the world-famous Underground City, which is a series of tunnels that link together shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, convention halls, universities, and entertainment venues. The Underground City is made up of more than 32 km of tunnels and sees more than 500,000 people pass through it every winter day!

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To return/to take back
  • Can I see your receipt?
  • Can I ask why you want to return them?
  • They don’t fit very well. They’re a little too baggy for my taste.
  • Did you want to exchange them?
  • I’ll need to issue the refund back to the credit card that you made the purchase with. Do you have
  • that card on you?

Credit:Audio/Learning Materials: Culips

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