Chatterbox #183 – Comedy

Do you like comedy? If you do, we have just the episode for you! Join Andrew and Suzanne as they discuss everything from dad jokes to stand-up and, along the way, you’ll learn vocabulary to help you talk about different types of jokes and styles of comedy.


Fun fact

Just for Laughs, called Juste pour rire in French, is an annual comedy festival held in Montreal. Founded in 1983, it is now the largest international comedy festival in the world! During the day, performers put on more physical, vocal, or visual comedy outdoors. At night, stand-up and other comedy shows take place in many of the city’s nightclubs and live theatres.

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Cheesy
  • Stand-up
  • Up-and-coming
  • Mugging
  • Ring true

Sample transcript

Andrew:           Hey, Suzanne. How are you?

Suzanne:        Hey, Andrew. I’m great, how are you?

Andrew:           Suzanne, I’m doing pretty well. Thanks for asking. And I got a question for you right off the top here.

Suzanne:        All right. Shoot.

Andrew:           Do you like jokes?

Suzanne:        Yes! Of course I like jokes. Do you have a good joke?

Andrew:           Oh, I have a nice one, yeah.

Suzanne:        OK.

Andrew:           OK. So what do prisoners use to call each other?

Suzanne:        I don’t know. What do prisoners use to call each other?

Andrew:           Cell phones.

Suzanne:        Honk, honk. That was good. I think it was made funnier because you were so excited and you said, “Cell phones!” Your enthusiasm, yeah.

Andrew:           I found a website this week and it’s called

Suzanne:        Oh my gosh. That is totally a dad joke, yes.

Andrew:           Yeah. And so this is an example of a dad joke. And I actually like dad jokes. They’re quite funny, in my opinion.

Suzanne:        Yeah. I think it’s funnier when non-dads say dad jokes.

Andrew:           Well, maybe we should define a dad joke for all our listeners. What is a dad joke?

Suzanne:        A dad joke is a joke that isn’t that funny. It’s clever and witty, but it kind of falls short of humour. It’s maybe punny, meaning there are puns.

Andrew:           I think that’s exactly right. We call them dad jokes because dads like so say these kind of cheesy jokes that aren’t super funny to embarrass their children.

Suzanne:        Yes.

Andrew:           You know?

Suzanne:        It’s cheesy, cheesy humour. That’s it.

Andrew:           Yeah.

Suzanne:        Yeah, and awkward.

Andrew:           Maybe you can imagine a dad driving his kids to soccer practice, and he’s got his kids in the car and some of his kids’ friends in the car, and he says just an awkward joke that’s not really funny. And all the kids roll their eyes, and they’re like, “Aw, Dad, come on. That’s not funny.”

Suzanne:        Come on. You know, I have one that I also saw on Facebook today.


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