Catch Word #188 – Thunderstruck

English has a lot of strange and amusing expressions! Join Andrew and Morag in today’s episode to learn how to use two colourful expressions related to being surprised: to be blindsided and to be thunderstruck. Don’t keep living under a rock; start listening and learn about these fun expressions today!


Fun Facts

If you say the word thunderstruck to an English speaker, don’t be surprised if they start singing the AC/DC song of the same name. Funnily enough, despite the song being popular enough that everyone knows the tune, the only country where “Thunderstruck” hit number one on the charts was Finland!

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To be blindsided
  • To be thunderstruck
  • To chill
  • No doubt
  • To live under a rock

Music: Something Elated by Broke For Free; Step On by Jahzzar; Lobby Time by Kevin (, licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License

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