Real Talk #016 – Calling tech support

When you can’t get a computer or device to work it can be a real emergency! If you’re stuck trying to solve a tech problem, you might have to call tech support. This can be a difficult task, even in your native language. But don’t worry, because in this Real Talk episode Andrew and Morag explain the key vocabulary and expressions you need to know to get the tech help you need in English!


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Did you know that tech support agents use Google to help their customers during more than half of their calls? So, if you are good at using Google to research your problems, you might be able to avoid calling tech support!

Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To troubleshoot/troubleshooting
  • How may I assist you?
  • To sync
  • To boot/reboot
  • Asking for clarification
  • Tech verbs

Music:Something Elated by Broke For Free, licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License