Simplified Speech #29 – Veganism

Do you eat meat and dairy? Many people all over the world avoid eating or using animal products—vegans. In this episode, Andrew and Morag have a slow but natural conversation all about veganism. Join them to learn about this growing trend.


Fun Facts

Vegan is a relatively new term. Until about 1994, vegans were simply known as non-dairy vegetarians. However, since the term was coined, the vegan lifestyle, neither eating nor using any animal products, has become more popular and mainstream.

Expressions you’ll learn in the Learning Materials:

  • A vegetarian/vegetarian
  • The more the merrier
  • On a shoestring (budget)
  • Junk food
  • The odd man out

Music: Something Elated by Broke For Free; Step On by Jahzzar; Lobby Time by Kevin (, licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 License