Catch Word #247 – Spread too thin

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Are your days so busy you find you don’t have any time for yourself? English has many ways to express this crazy busy state you’re in. In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Kassy explain two key phrases so that you can let people know you’re too busy.

Culips’ Catch Word series teaches idioms, phrasal verbs and expressions so you can improve your English vocabulary. This audio English lesson features a natural conversation between two native English speakers. While you improve your listening skills, you’ll also learn new ways to express just how busy you are every day.

Fun facts

One of the expression studies in this episode is to run around like a headless chicken. Did you know there was a famous case of a chicken that continued to live for 18 months after it had its head chopped off?

Expressions included in the study guide

  • To spread [oneself] too thin
  • To run around like a headless chicken
  • Time’s running out
  • Rite of passage
  • Fam
  • Downtime

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Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Step On by Jahzzar
Photo Credit: STIL on Unsplash

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7 days ago

Hi Andrew and Kassy! Before I bumped into Culips podcasts, I constantly searched the Internet for resources suitable for my own study. Everyone knows that there are a huge number of different podcasts, lessons, books, etc. for learning English in Internet. I wanted to try everything! Day by day I began to feel that I was spreading too thin in this way. I felt that I could not get a better quality result. I do not study deeply. One day, I met the Culips podcasts and listened to the first English tip “Repetitive listening”. I loved this podcast and your voices. The voice is really important I think. For me at least. I subscribed imidietly and now follow your materials and tips. Now I feel comfortable and calm. I stopped being afraid to miss something important. And I feel like I’m improving my English skills with you every day. Many thanks for grate teaching.

Andrew from Culips
Andrew from Culips
Reply to  galina
7 days ago

Thanks for the comment, Galina! I’m happy to hear that you found us and enjoy learning English with Culips! Perfect use of “spread too thin” by the way. Keep up the great work!

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